The Furnace Man
The Furnace Man
Providing NH with furnace / boiler installation & repair and water filtration systems.


Furnace Man

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Learn about Peter Schauffler — The Furnace Man

In furnace or boiler installations I provide only quality materials and parts installed to the manufacturer's specifications by myself and my employees. In receiving other bids, be sure to compare the quality of the proposed equipment, the quality of the installation procedure, and the guarantees.

The purchase of your new boiler or furnace is a major decision. Please bear in mind you are not only purchasing new equipment and the associated piping, but you are also buying what it all does — giving you comfort.

My concern is not only your comfort, but also quality, convenience, and price. Quality equipment, properly installed, with regular maintenance should provide you with not years, but decades of reliable service.

If you want to request an appointment to speak with me, fill out the Get a Quote form or call me today at 603-357-2566.


A properly installed steam boiler saves customers money in fuel savings over the lifetime of the boiler. The money “saved” with improperly installing a steam boiler, is cost the customer pays over and over again with increased fuel cost and less than optimal operation.
— Peter schauffler
Cliff and myself are looking forward to working with you on your next heating system project!

Cliff and myself are looking forward to working with you on your next heating system project!




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.



Thank you for being so patient with me while I got a wider perspective and more information about my oil tank and the surrounding details. You are responsive, up to date, professional and fair and I appreciate working with you.
— Wendy B.
Thank you for your hard work in installing a Thermo Pride furnace. From writing up a proposal, to trailering the furnace over, to carrying parts in and out to the installation, to clean-up-thank you.
— Kay J.
I just want to thank you for all the years of great service and assistance. You were a great help to me in keeping up the house and doing so at a distance, knowing you were there made a big difference for me. So, I appreciate all you did. I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday and a much-deserved break. Best wishes to your family!
— Bill F.
What a great sound to hear the furnace running when I came through the door tonight! THANKS! You are a miracle man, Peter. Peggy is good at asking the right questions to pin point the problem.
— Beverly



I promise to install your heating system to the guidelines of the system you choose. You will always get courtesy and professional service from me and my staff.



About The Furnace Man

PETER Schauffler

Peter has more than 30 years experience with installing and maintaining oil boilers and furnaces throughout southwestern New Hampshire. His team of professionally-trained employees will give you the best service.